Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Daiso (aug 2020) Fountain pen disassembly


 link that shows the actual pen:

Saturday, September 5, 2020


1) Goulet Pen

2) twsbi main website

3) blue-dew fountain pen

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cleaning Preppy Collector

For the question on how to wash the collector for the platinum preppy, i think i might have found an answer:

firstly, let's start with the observation of the collector of preppy:
1) it is detacted from the feed.
2) there are 3 outlets for the fluid:at the nib (big outlet), at the reservoir input and of course through the collector.
3) water goes into the collector through the holes in the feed.

secondly, what was being tried around the net:
1) forced screw : people tried to screw a screw into the nib inlet and force the collector out. While it worked, it destroys the collector.
2) pilers with oil: it works but it does leave marks for the untrained. at least that is for me. i almost destroyed one before calling it stop.

thirdly, the gentle method of cleaning without destruction:
what is required is importantly, to stop the nib outlet. while putting a nib in place will work, it does not work efficiently because the nib will allow water out. therefore the steps are:
1) flush out the majority of the ink first using the normal washing method.
2) plug a syringe with water in the nib end, and another syringe in the reservoir end. because now the nib end is sealed, the water from the reservior end will be forced out through the collector, thus cleaning the feed. do it a couple of times, and do it gently. big sudden gush of water will not help. be gentle.
3) there will be little droplets of ink left in the collector. this is the last step to clean it 100%. using your thumb, close the nib outlet, and using the syringe at the other end, slowing force water into the collector and release it when the water reaches that drop. do it a few more time. then repeat step 2 again to clear everything out again.

hope this helps.
(first posted in facebook on 27th Sep 2014)



Thursday, May 28, 2020

Comparison between Ohto Tasche, muji and moonman N1 fountain pen

1) they look similar.
2) in this order did they appear Ohto Tasche -> muji  -> moonman N1
3) their parts are not interchangeable.
4) moonman n1's cartridge size wins overall.
5) moonman n1 may be easier to hold.
6) their caps still wobble when posted.
7) they are easy to dismantle for cleaning.
8) in terms of nib smoothness, it is in this order muji --> moonman N1--> Ohto Tasche
9) Ohto Tasche comes in 4 different colors, whereas the other 2 came in 1 color only.


Monday, April 27, 2020

PMark 4

 A fountain pen needs a nib, a feed, a holder for both, a reservoir for holding ink, and a cap. nothing more, not expensive price tag, not branding, not carving. once you have the needed, it is alive.

An online germany nib unit that comes with a cap, a platinum cartridge or a pilot cartridge, and a straw is all you need to create the pen.

 Historical, this should have being PMark 3, but it failed in the field in its initial test run as the body cracked. Until the lockdown, life was too busy trying to get a life. now, i could finally find some time to have the problems solved.

PMark 4. The pen itself.

The nib unit is screwed in, not forced in. it will not leak even without silicon grease.

Some numbers for its length.

10 cm when capped.
9.8 cm when posted.

in comparison with PMark 3

in comparison with PMark 3

how does it assemble, then? in this manner.

1) get a nib-feed unit. i got the online gernany unit, which comes with a cap, which is the next important item, the cap.
2) get a body. i decide to get a platinum cartridge over the pilot cartridge as it looks neater. Just pull the end of the cartridge out with a long-nose plier. you get to access that metal ball which is another plus point.
3) Next, you need a straw. the dimension is as shown. Yes, you are frowning, straws? aren't they a curse object? Not if use them properly. in this case, it doesn't land in the sea, and this is used for a long time.
4) cut straw at 5cm length and insert into the cartridge from the closed end. you cannot do via the open end. the straw is critical to give the extra support needed to ensure breakage do not occur when used in the field.
5) to show you how important the straw is, i used the cracked barrel which was repaired, but since not strong enough. look closely and you can see the crack line. also, notice the screw lines inside. The nib unit is screwed in, not forced in. it will not leak even without silicon grease.
6) lastly, add some clear adhesive tape at the end so that the cap can stay in place when posted.

PMark 3